Whole Body Wellness

At Bodylogic we approach healing and wellness with a whole body approach. Our registered massage therapists can help treat, prevent and manage chronic pain, injuries, and your overall well-being. 

Our Team

All practitioners at Bodylogic are Registered Massage Therapists and belong to the regulatory College of Massage Therapy.

Sylvia believes massage is a powerful tool for feeling better in our bodies, and calming our nervous systems. She loves helping people find ways to get back to doing what they love after injury. She strives to make her treatments both therapeutic and relaxing.

Stacey integrates various techniques in treatment, ranging from swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue techniques. She is excited to further her education and training in the future to provide more tools and techniques for her patients.
Stacey finds genuine happiness in what she does because it mirrors her desire to stay active and fulfils her passion to care for others. She has found massage therapy to be as effective in rehabilitation as it is for maintaining self-care.

Born in Quebec and adopted by Revelstoke in 2018, Stephanie completed her first massage training in 2013. Her interest towards the profession just kept growing while working in ski lodges and spas in and around Revelstoke for the last 4 years while also upgrading her education to BC standards. She is now a member of the College of Massage therapist of BC. Her style is slow and mixes myofascial techniques and deep tissue work.