Prior to your arrival

· Patients will be required to complete 3 self assessment questionnaires. One 2 days before your treatment, one with over the phone the day before your treatment and one as you arrive for your appointment.

· All staff/practitioners will be completing the self assessment questionnaire daily.

· All patients will be advised of the informed consent that will be required at the beginning of every treatment.

· All questionnaires will be answered honestly by all parties to ensure the health of all.

· Patients will be denied treatment if they have travelled outside of BC in the last 14 days.

· Please bring any personal PPE with you to your treatment. If you do not have a mask we will provide a mask for you to use during your treatment.

· Our cancellation policy will be waived if a patient answers YES to any question of the questionnaire.

Physical distancing

· Clients and clinic staff will maintain 6 feet of distance as best as possible outside of the treatment room.

· Common areas of the clinic have been freed of fabric seating; the water cooler and all magazines and surface items have been removed.

· We will have 30 minutes between all treatments and appointments times are staggered to reduce traffic in clinic.

· Clients must arrive unaccompanied, unless a guardian needs to be present.

· We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time and that you wait in the building common area until we send a text message or come out to welcome you in.

· We will strive to open all doors for patients.

· In the building entrance/hallways the patient will strive to maintain 6 feet of distance from other people.

· We will only use our own equipment/supplies to reduce cross contamination.

Hand Hygiene

· Please use the hand sanitizer provided upon entering and leaving the clinic.

· We will be washing our hands for 20 seconds with hot soapy water, before and after every treatment, after cleaning, after washroom use, after touching common surfaces and any other time it is needed.

· We will be opening and closing treatment room doors for patients, to ensure no cross contamination.

· We will be accepting tap or e-transfer’s for payments prior to or after each treatment; there will be no cash payments at this time.

Face Touching Avoidance

· A ‘No face touching policy’ will be implemented for both therapist and patient. COVID-19 can be spread from germs on hands and enter the body

· Patient and therapist will have access to tissues for touching face.

· Masks will be work by practitioners and are an option for clients.

Enhanced Cleaning

· We have reviewed the cleaning standards set in place by the Public Health Officer, the College of Massage Therapist of BC, Worksafe BC and will strictly adhere to them.

· All visibly soiled surfaces will be cleaned then sanitized.

· All high touch surfaces will be sanitized between each patient, before and after shifts.

· Linens will continue to be single use, and laundered in hot soapy water.

· We will allow 30 minutes between treatments to ensure appropriate cleaning protocols.

· All equipment not limited to table, face rest and product containers will be sanitized after each treatment, and before and after each shift.

Personal Protective Equipment

· We encourage you to bring your own mask if you wish to use one. We will have disposable masks available for use at your discretion if you aren’t able to supply your own.

· RMT’s are currently required to wear cloth or disposable masks at all times in the clinic.

· We will respect a patient’s individual personal boundaries and support their requests for PPE to be worn by either individual.

· Each party putting a mask on will us proper donning and doffing procedure (either wash hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer before applying and removing their mask)

Professional Obligations

· We have emailed our liability insurance agent and have been assured full coverage is still present.

· We have been required to create a new COVID-19 consent form and questionnaire as well as a new waiver.

· All clients will be required to sign a new consent form acknowledging the risks involved with COVID-19 prior to each treatment

· If you feel unwell after a treatment we request that you contact Bodylogic right away and ask that you call 8-1-1, as we will to on receiving your call.

· If a therapist shows symptoms of illness that fall into Covid-19 symptomology, we will call 811, and follow the subsequent directives of the Health Authority.

As we transition into this new protocol, we ask for your patience and encourage your feedback so we can improve to ensure you feel welcome, safe, and comfortable during your appointment at Bodylogic.

We are so looking forward to seeing you again!

Karen, Sarah, and Emmanuelle