Registered Massage Therapy Located Downtown Revelstoke. 


Therapeutic Massage

Rewire!  Our massage therapists can work with you to resolve and rewire the root causes of your pain symptoms.  We assess and treat chronic pain, nerve irritation, acute & overuse injuries, athletic injury, post-op symptoms, and much more.

Registered Massage therapy services

Registered Massage Therapy is a valuable tool in addressing:

Chronic pain

Sport injury and athletic maintenance

Overuse/repetitive strain injuries

Nerve compression/irritation (sciatic symptoms, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet/inlet syndrome, etc)

Chronic health issues 

Pre and post-natal body wellness

Stress reduction

Registered Massage Therapists

BC RMTs hold the highest level of training in North America, and belong to the regulatory College of Massage Therapy. Required continuing education courses mean that we are constantly upgrading our skills to maintain the high standard of care that British Columbians have come to expect.

Holistic Massage Therapy

At Bodylogic we believe wellness is multi-faceted and starts from within. We approach healing and wellness with a holistic and inclusive mindset. 

Locally Owned and operated

Bodylogic is locally owned and operated in the heart of downtown. We understand the busy and exciting lifestyle of living in Revelstoke. We have a team of registered massage therapists with flexible schedules to fit your needs. Thirty, Sixty, Forty-Five, and Ninety minute appointments, with evening and weekend availabilities.